Hazelton House

Tribute to John Fowler, Cream Grape (Handblock)


29.5" H Repeat, 50" W

55% Linen, 45% Cotton

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Named after the eminent English interior designer and co-founder of Colfax and Fowler who had a dramatic impact on the presentation of historic houses in Britain before and after the Second World War. Considered the 'inventor' of Country House Style, John Fowler’s interpretation of interiors has become a recognized period style in its own right. This spectacular hand block of finely rendered flowers and birds, presented in brilliant color, is one of the most dramatic designs in the collection. In the hands of a gifted designer, it’s high style and bold colours create a transcendent experience and a unique sense of place. The design is hand blocked using a set of 72 blocks engraved in 1926 and 18 block colours including the blotch.

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